I am the stranger drifting through architectural landscapes. I encounter palimpsests: a pink rectangle stands guard over text previously scrawled onto a brick wall. Though rendered illegible, the haphazard paint patch becomes the signifier of the occurrence underneath. Such repair remains obvious to the passerby; the implicit at once becomes explicit, thus, negating the coverage it sought to perform. Drawn to architectural scars as metaphors for negotiations of belonging, I simulate non-specific facades through installation, photography, painting, and weaving. 

Considering the paint patch, my work explores the interstices of recognition and function. By creating reflections of spaces that confuse its authenticity as either image or object, my work explores the threshold of familiarity, questioning its own intimacy as sincerity or as artifice.

I am both the skeptic and the nostalgic body, one longing for intimacy and perhaps only finding it in the liminal spaces that belong to nothing in particular.