My work explores how the dissonance of representation and its illusion gestures toward displacement in the same way bodies occupy space. Drawn to architectural scars as metaphors for how people interact with and negotiate belonging in communal places, I use print, painting, photography, and weaving to create simulations of public facades. Through meticulous reproductions of primarily industrial spaces, my work engages provisional aspects of architecture that both embody and belie meaning.  

Iā€™m interested in shifting visualization and spatial associations, where my work establishes tension between the ubiquity and specificity of architectural surfaces. With weaving, I process image as material object by combining and fracturing images of architecture. The loom becomes an apparatus for confounding image with surface and structure of woven cloth, producing simulacra of the photographed space. Yet it fails in completely selling such illusions.

Through the destabilization of surface and its assumed material conditions, my work questions familiarity as sincerity or as artifice. In mediating site and sight, the act of representing my surrounding spaces and signifiers engages a sense of place but also calls into question the sites of the everyday.

I am both the skeptic and the nostalgic body, one longing for intimacy and perhaps only finding it in the liminal spaces that belong to nothing in particular.